VR Real Estate

We are changing the Real Estate industry by offering the highest quality virtual modeling and staging together with state-of-the-art VR headsets while keeping the service affordable for realtors and sellers!

The work flow in real estate remains the same for many years, that is, a real estate agent provides a long list of properties to the client. Afterward come the explanations, negotiations, and finally the real-life visits to houses and apartments. This is not the most efficient process and is very time consuming for both realtor and the buyer. Virtual Reality can change this for a better and more convenient process. The power of VR technology can help real estate agents grow their business, get more clients, and deliver top-level services.

Here are some benefits of virtual modeling and staging:

  • For pre-sales properties, you can give a virtual tour of the property to potential buyers instead of showing them layouts and architectural drawings!
  • Your clients can tour your developments from anywhere in the world! No more limitations of selling to local clients, or having to fly in cashed up investors.
  • Allow buyers to see real potential of the property after a fresh paint and nice flooring applied!
  • Stage the property without breaking the bank! VR Impulse offers virtual modeling and staging of both pre-sales and re-sales property. All we need is your architectural drawing for pre-sales and 100+ pictures of your re-sale property (full coverage of property including floor and ceiling). Depends on the size of the property, we usually model and stage it within 5 business days

A video tour of the property comes with VR model and you can see how the video looks like below:

Modeling and staging
  • 1

    For properties with up to 3 bedrooms and 1,600 sqft, $99

  • 2

    For properties with 4 or 5 bedrooms and between 1,600 and 2,600 sqft, $129

  • 3

    For properties with more than 5 bedrooms and bigger than 2,600 sqft, $159

Using of the model:

  • Use your own headset: there is one-time fee the same amount paid for modelling
  • Pay as you use: You can use the model at our store and experience highest quality, the price is $12 per hour


  • You can rent a standalone headset which you can take with you anywhere you want with access to all properties modeled by VR Impulse. Every time, you order new property modeling with us, we will load latest models to your rental headset. You can also use it for VR gaming at home. Monthly membership fee depends on the headset brand, and the number of months. This can be discussed on case by case basis. If you have a real estate company and interested in bulk ordering, you will get refund on your modeling orders once your agents join our membership program. Please contact for detail.
If you are a property owner and want to sell your house, you will get 50% off on your modelling order once your realtor joins our membership program. Please contact for detail.

What Other People Say

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GREAT FUN spot!!!I was looking for something fun to do ( especially in this cold weather!!) with my family and I discovered this place. Amazingly fun, you will escape reality and RELAX for at least 1 hour! Staff is super friendly and helpful! Highly recommend!

Veronica Iacob Ontario
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I had the best time at VR impulse it's my second time going the price is right the games are fun. I even brought my dad and he enjoyed it . I will definitely go again love the fact that it is also locally in newmarket.

Tanya Anne Gervais Ontario
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My son and I had a great time killing zombies! A completely immersive experience and a LOT of fun! There are games for every level and interest.

Allan Grego Ontario
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Lowkey the new hit spot in Newmarket way too much fun for the price! I’m going again tmrw and the hours are perfect for small after party settings. The range of games and activities is phenomenal literally something for everyone!!

Anika Beckford Ontario